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A free tool that adjusts your wallpaper on a timer

SunsetScreen is a simple tool that contains a series of sunrise and sunset wallpapers. It displays each on a timer so that your wallpaper appears to transitions from sunrise to sunset. For example, you may have the sun setting at 10pm and have it rise at 7am. The main reason for this app is to change your background colors over the course of a night, which is not great because you shouldn't leave your computer on all night.

SunsetScreen allows you to warm the colours of the screen to avoid blue glare and sleep better at night

If you use a computer or laptop at night, you may notice how stark the screen is compared to the more 'natural' indoor lighting. SunsetScreen allows you to adjust the screen's colour to the hue matched by your house's light. An overly blue screen may also affect melatonin production in the brain which could prevent you from getting a restful sleep at night.

Compared to similar programs, SunsetScreen allows you precisely set the time of the sunrise and sunset. This is helpful in the winter months where daylight would only be limited to a few hours. In addition, SunsetScreen allows you precisely set the hue, saturation or brightness, a function not available in others programs of this type.


  • Set the time the sunset and sunrise images appear
  • Alter the hue, saturation and brightness of your wallpaper
  • Color presets make choosing a background color a little easier
  • Set a day and night color for your wallpaper


  • No proof that orange sunset colors help people sleep
  • A sunset wallpaper would do pretty-much the same thing
  • Encourages people to sleep with their laptops or computers on
  • The “Day” color setting assumes that natural light is present


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SunsetScreen 1.34 for PC


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  • Ionascu Petre

    by Ionascu Petre

    Nu sunt multe de spus : Incercati-l si veti vedea ca are un efect foarte placut asupra vederii.

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